Tokyo Soul – TEACHER CHUPA! #19 (Minecraft Roleplay)

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JtheStar: Jason (builder)
Majo_Ellen: Erydin , Suspicious_Person , Tsuzumi
Marthy: Jimmy (builder)
Needlr: Sanslr
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Okami_Artist: Teacher_Tori
RowanArtifex: SenorLoro , Mr.Nautilus (builder)
ShadowDrop (builder, texture pack artist)
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SammyValentine: GymTeacherHelena (builder)
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Teacher pranks sleeping student

On a Friday, after a test, Michael fell asleep during class. We played a prank on him, sneaking out of the room and waiting for the bell to ring. He’s a great kid, encouraged me to post this and share with America’s Funniest Videos, and they aired it on their show. He does not have family issues at home, nor does he work two jobs to support his family. Like any educator, after a few weeks of having students in class, you get to know quite a bit about them. Michael is a great kid, has long since graduated, and I am proud to call him a friend. Haters gotta chill!