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Invasive technique, the biopsy presents a certain risk. The Aixplorer, a super-powerful medical imaging device, will in the future assess the liver condition without taking any samples. visit Beauty natural for a Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas. A Nose Surgery is well sought after.


It bears, with a few letters, the same name as one of the oldest and famous Internet browsers. But the Aixplorer is not computer software. It is an ultra-powerful device developed in 2009 which makes it possible to realize a rapid ultrasound of an organ by measuring, in depth, the elasticity of the tissues that compose it. While the Aixplorer has already proved its worth in the diagnosis of breast cancer, Inserm researchers have just proven that it is as effective as a biopsy to detect and evaluate a liver disease called liver fibrosis.

How it works

Hepatic fibrosis is the common complication of chronic liver disease – hepatitis or alcoholism. Deterioration of liver cells by these diseases results in the formation of fibrous scar tissue. But when there is too much, the functioning of the organ is upset. Depending on the extent of damage to the liver, fibrosis is more or less important. There are four stages of fibrosis: F1 is minimal fibrosis, stage F2, moderate fibrosis and F3, severe fibrosis. We speak of cirrhosis from the F4 stage, when there is scar tissue throughout the liver. The latter no longer fulfills its normal functions: it can no longer filter the substances contained in the blood or bile it. Liver cancer can occur in the fifteen to twenty years following the formation of cirrhosis.

Monitoring and detecting the occurrence of liver fibrosis is therefore very important, and biopsy is often used. This involves taking with a syringe a small piece of the presumed affected part and analyzing it under a microscope. The only problem is that the biopsy is a heavy, invasive examination that is performed under anesthesia and that involves certain risks. It can in fact transform abnormal cells into cancer cells or lead to infections.

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Here are the parts in a computer

Of course, in a computer there is not only one printed circuit block that does all the work. Each piece does a particular job and uses other parts to connect them together. It can be a desktop or a portable parts and their functions remain the same, basically only the dimensions change. Also, click here for computer repair plano TX.

The motherboard:


The motherboard is one of the most important parts because it is the central element of a computer. It connects all parts of the computer to each other and ensures good communication between the various parts of the computer. Without it, a computer simply can not function in any of its functions. On the motherboard there are also attached other parts essential to the operation of a computer. In particular, the hard drive, the RAM, the processor and the video card. There is also another piece that fulfills a more secondary role than sometimes just as necessary as other parts for certain tasks like “heatskin”, fans, sound card, screen. There are also things like the keyboard, mouse printer but here we focus on the inside of the computer itself.

The hard drive:


The hard disk keeps the information. Music, photo, videos and even operating system and software this find on the hard disk. It is slower than other memory like cache or sharp but is much cheaper to have in abundance so it is used for data storage.


RAM (random access memory) is used to store different information each time we open our computer. This memory is faster and therefore more expensive which explains why it is several dozen times less than in a hard drive. It is used to manage the information used by a program currently open in the computer.

The processor:

Intel Celeron SKT LGA 775 carlsilverIntel Celeron SKT LGA 775

The processor does “just” calculations, like your calculator. Except that it makes several millions to the second. And its calculations are used to give and process the information needed for everything that happens on the computer but major in the operating system and software.

The video card:

The video card you suspect well serves to display. It is used to “imagine” what happens in the form of calculations and codes in form that is understandable to the user, it is called the user interface. It is often soldered to the motherboard in laptops.

Asus motherboard is a first-class motherboard. It is compatible with both the Intel processor and the AMD processor. Its battery is a 3V lithium battery. It is flat and round in shape and is mounted on a special mount on the motherboard. It supplies the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) which stores the different configurations of the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) including time and date. However, the CMOS battery may be depleted after several years of use. If this is the case, you must replace it.


Purchase a new CMOS battery at a retailer. The reference to know: CR2032.


Turn off your computer.


Remove the side panel under the base of your laptop.


Find the CMOS battery installed on its holder. It is usually located in the center of the motherboard.


Discharge the PC from all its static electric charges by touching the uncolored metal part of it.


With your finger, remove the CMOS battery from its holder and set it aside.


Insert the new CMOS battery into the holder making sure to place the positive pole (with the plus sign) upwards.


Close the side panel of the notebook.


Press the power button to turn on your computer.