Hot teacher’s love triangle sex with two 17YO boys gets her arrested over scandal – TomoNews

AUSTIN, TEXAS — This week a teacher who resigned from her job at an Austin, Texas high school has been charged with two counts of “improper relationship between educator and student.”

According to local news reports, 28-year-old Haeli Noelle Wey taught math at Westlake High School since 2013. Wey, who is married, is accused of having sex with two 17-year-old boys from the high school in 2015.

The first affair allegedly started during the summer, when she met the 17-year-old student at a religious summer camp. That affair lasted several months. She met the second 17-year-old boy at the beginning of this high school year. They allegedly communicated by social media and eventually had sex.

Her teeny love triangle unravelled when the first boy, who presumably knew about her husband, found out about the second boy. That was too much, and he took their text correspondence to his parents, who called the police.

Now, in Texas the age of consent IS 17, however educators can’t have sex with their students in any event, unless they marry them! But she was already married.

Now Haeli Noelle Wey faces two second-class felonies, even though all this would have been legal if she’s just boinked outside her own school district.

So do you think she’s nasty? Or nice?


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