Sexually molested: Teacher not fired after molesting female student on the bus – TomoNews

SICHUAN PROVINCE, CHINA – Police and school officials in China were shocked when one of their recently hired high school teachers was arrested for taking upskirt photos.

The high school teacher was a recent hire and came with excellent recommendations, but was arrested after a female student accused him of sexually molesting her on the bus. The teacher claimed that any contact had been accidental because the bus was overcrowded.

At the police station, officers noticed that the teacher was quietly deleting photos from his phone. The officer confiscated the phone and discovered hundreds of upskirt photos of women which had obviously been taken without their knowledge.

After the discovery of the photos the teacher confessed that he had molested the student on the bus. He’d sidled up to the student and began rubbing her thighs and butt through her clothes. The teacher said he was attempting to re-enact one of his favorite scenes from an adult movie.

School authorities have decided not to fire the teacher, but told the media that they would handle the situation.