Student attacks teacher, caught on video. Teacher fights student – compilation

Students shouting fighting words at teachers isn’t uncommon, but sometimes teacher-student hostility escalates to physical combat. Of course, TomoNews would never condone such behavior between an adult and a minor under her care, least of all in a house of learning. Nevertheless, they do make wild videos. TomoNews presents to you a selection of the craziest fight at school immortalized on the internet.

Due to Youtube’s policy against violence, please click on the links below for full videos:

Teacher rips off female student’s shirt:
Swim coach drags schoolgirl into swimming pool:
Teacher bullies special needs student:
Student bodyslams 62-year-old teacher:

1. A high school student in a Texas classroom threw punches at his substitute teacher on Thursday, sending him to the hospital because he refused to take an exam.

2. A teacher from a school in Port St. Lucie in Florida has been fired after she ordered six older students to beat up a seventh-grader and the brutal attack was caught on surveillance camera.

3. A student in China has confessed to killing his teacher, Sun Wukang, for confiscating his mobile phone. The killer, a student at Linchuan No. 2 Middle School in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, slashed the throat of his teacher while he graded papers.

4. A video of an altercation between a teacher and a student with a bag of weed has gone viral.

5. For the full video, click here:
A teacher in Salem, Oregon has been placed on paid leave after ripping the shirt off a sophomore student at Roberts Annex High School.

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A California high-school teacher is in bother after a video surfaced of him attempting to drag a schoolgirl into a swimming pool.

7. A Chinese student was beaten to death by his teacher during a math class in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

8. A Nimitz High School student went too far when he shoved his substitute teacher, 66-year-old Beverly Round, to the ground in Houston.

9. Watch the full version here:
Stephen Davis told CBS2 in Chicago that he’s been picked on about his weight since he was in first grade. Now a 330-pound freshman at Streamwood High School, he caught on camera a teacher who participated in the bullying.

10. Click here for the unabridged version:
An out-of-control student at JFK High in Paterson, New Jersey slammed his 62-year-old teacher to the ground as other students stood around and watched. The 16-year-old student was upset because the teacher took away his cellphone.

11. A Miami-Dade College music professor was attacked and beaten in a campus parking garage in an attack he believes may have been motivated by a bad grade he may have given a student.

12. A bloodied Maryland high school teacher sat on the floor after he received a serious beatdown from one of his Forestville High student after making allegedly racist remarks that offended the student.

13. Gerald Cunningham, former vice principal of Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama is seen on video body-slamming one of his students, after the teen failed to follow instructions, used profanity and attempted to fight another student.

14. Brett Russell, an eighth grade substitute teacher at Bernard Black Elementary school in Arizona, bodyslammed his student during a fight with the little boy.

15. A video showing an Arkansas teen blowing smoke in his teacher’s face is quickly going viral.

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